Public Ivy Schools

by Joy Thompson

Public Ivy SchoolsInterested in learning more about the Public Ivy Schools?

Public Ivy School is a term by Richard Moll on public institutions that had the look and feel of an Ivy League University while on a nationwide tour to examine academic excellence.

There were originally 8 Public Ivy Schools listed by Richard Moll in 1985, which includes the following colleges and universities:

Public Ivy Schools List

In 2001, an additional 18 Public Ivy Schools were included in an updated list from Howard and Matthew Greene of Greene’s Guides.



Great Lakes & Midwest


Public Ivy Schools List

Public Ivies – Additional Points to consider

Neither Moll nor Greene addressed the issue of prestige associated with the various schools reviewed.

In addition, no direct comparison was made between a Public Ivy and any other school which has fueled more controversies.

That being said, attending an Ivy League university is not possible for many students, with the public ivy league schools list, a new world of opportunity has been opened up to students seeking a high quality education in an atmosphere reminiscent of the famed Ivy League.