Types of Pitbull Dogs And Explanation

Ivy League – The pitbull or pitbull dog is a type of dog that descended from the descendants of bulldogs and terriers. The type of pit bull is very ambiguous as it includes breeds, occasional breeds, and physical appearances that cannot be identified with certainty.

Some of the formal pit bull type descendants include:

– American Pit Bull Terrier
– American Staffordshire Terrier
– American bully
– Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

But for the American Bulldog, it is also sometimes included.


The origin of the existence of this unique Pitbull dog is believed to have existed since ancient times in the Molossian dog family. These mastiffs were descended from another family of dogs known as the Mastiff. At first, the British used the mastiff dog to jump on the battlefield, as this dog is known as a dog who loves to fight. In the Rome area, the Masatiff was crossed with the English Hound, where the offspring eventually spread to the Roman Empire. There the dog was used as a fighting dog. In the street. Dogs that have been mixed with native breeds such as the Bulldog are also believed to have direct descendants of the Pitbull dog.


There are three different types of Pitbull dogs namely the American Pitbull Terrier, American Stanfordshire Terrier, and Stanford Hire Bull Terrier. Here is the explanation:

1. American Pitbull Terrier

The first type is the American Pitbull Terrier. This dog has a proportional body shape and appears sturdy. Body weight can reach 16-25 kilograms. Not only that, this hair type also has shorter but very fine hair.

2. American Stanfordshire Terrier

Next is the American Stanfordshire Terrier. Dogs of this type can weigh up to 28 to 40 kilograms. His body shape is also slightly more muscular and his body appears shorter than that of the first breed of dog. The coat itself appears slightly longer and thicker than that of the first breed of dog.

3 Stanffordshire Bull Terrier

And the last type is the Stanford Bull Terrier. This species can weigh from 11 to 15.4 kilograms. Compared to the previous two types, this Stanfordshire bull terrier has almost the same body, but for a slightly larger head. The coat itself is much shorter and very thin.


Here are some of the characteristics or characteristics of pit bulls, including:

1. Subjected to humans

Good Pitbull puppies are dogs willing to submit to humans. Submission here means that he wants to do what you want of his own free will and not under duress. Therefore, you should not adopt a pit bull who appears scared when interacting with you.

2. Confident and not shy

Pitbull dogs who have great self-confidence, then the dog will be very easy to adapt, interact and socialize with new people without being afraid. Maybe at first this dog is scared, but soon this dog will want to interact right away as well.

3. He loves toys

When you want to adopt a Pitbull, choose Pitbull puppies that love toys. This is because toy loving dogs tend to be easy and quick to train, and have temperaments that tend to be more stable.

4. Respectful of humans

In addition, you should also have Pitbull puppies who love to stay and love to be around you. Puppies who have a high level of self-confidence tend to feel more comfortable around humans. In fact, he will also like to be touched by humans.

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